Cheap Kobe Shoes say that with the "story" of fate, we will have to start from my wife Chen Shi. how do I say this? Let me slowly come.

My wife grew up watch "story", that she's the "good tradition", Kobe 11 Shoes every month I go to the newsstand to buy her a "story." According to his wife speak, before "Story" magazine every month just out of one, but now, half a, the second half of a, sometimes a supplement. However, I soon time to market for publication well aware.

But there is always one thing when busy dizzy. Kobe 11 Elite once bought from the newsstand this "story", all the way home humming a song children, from the bag out, handed over to his wife, he was surprised to find his wife smiled, turned around from house to come up with a this exactly the same, saying: "You see, this issue is not already bought it?" I racking our brains, know to buy their own duplicate, and had chuckled.

Of course, there is a purpose in my mind: Cheap Kobe Shoes would rather buy, buy no leakage. Although the "story" is not a chapter in the story of novels,Kobe 11 Shoes but not due to lack of a plot out of stock, but always there is a lack of psychological sense.

Mrs. like to see the story, listen to stories, and sometimes can not sleep at night, Kobe 11 Elite makes me to tell her story. Before I kinda worry about today storytelling, tomorrow story, a story every day, the stomach can there be so many stories ah! Also mention "story" to see more, that one or humor, or thrilling story, but also have a useless, and sometimes I still can deal with occasional series point thing of the past.

However, I still did not understand, and asked his wife: "Do Kobe 11 Shoes see yourself" story "Why I say that?" Mrs. said:?. "Here is very demanding ah" "What knowledge" "Kobe 11 Elite think you often tell stories, is not that eloquent little? "I nodded thoughtfully. "The point is not a good memory?" I nodded again. "Often stories, for the actors, it can exercise image thinking, of course, there is more to the point -." "What," "Cheap Kobe Shoes can also check that you are not watching the story." My God? wife really amazing!
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